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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What is clia number in medical billing

Instructions and Help about What is clia number in medical billing

Modifier qw yes this one last month I gave us a coding scenario and I had a level three office visit with a modifier no modifier I'm sorry and the patient had a rapid strep test and I added the modifier QW to the rapid strep test which was eight seven eight eight zero and a lot of people wrote in and said what the heck is QW and how do you know when to use it and it was very confusing and even though you study that for the CPC g-m unless you work with it you know every day it's just something that is not that important to you but it is really important clear means clinical laboratory Improvement Amendments and most medical practices have they apply and pay for CLIA waived certificates and they are given a number that indicates that they have a CLIA waived certificate so the rapid strep test for example is a CLIA waived exam and if you bill it without that QW you are not going to get paid but the thing is is that there are hickspicks codes and there are CPT codes and the CLIA waive certificate is for the doctor's office who does basic urinalysis your own pregnancy tests stool guaiac s-- the simple glucose that the blood sugar test things like that nothing extensive but what you really need to do if you're a manager or you have anything to do with the coding and billing is that you have to go on to the website the cms.gov website and save on your desktop the list of the CLIA waves lab tests that the physicians can bill for and they are constantly updated and there are a ton of different manufacturers what I highly recommend is that if a doctor is doing a test or even if they were honoring medicine or anything get the invoice from the manufacturer so you know the dosage you know the type of tests you know everything and how much it costs the physician and so that's very important the other thing to keep in mind with the CLIA waived certificate in the modifier QW is that the clea number is linked to the office location if a doctor has two offices that he practices in he needs to separate CLIA waived certificates and he needs them linked separately to each location and that's also very important and one of the things that I do want to stress is that not every CLIA waived procedure requires a QW and an example that I'll show you in a minute is your analysis eight one zero zero two it is CLIA waived but there is no QW that's required for it and you're not going to know that unless you have that table that list of all the labs has that's someone with the CLIA way of certificate has the other thing to remember is that the CLIA number goes in box twenty.


What is CLIA in medical billing?
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