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Clia lookup Form: What You Should Know

Member and their current travel information. Note that a member must be listed.   • Vacation — A travel agency member cannot travel on a CIA Trip. To verify a current travel agent or member use the following link to the search tool, if one exists:  Search Agent or Member Agency — Agency information — Click the search button located on the top of the page to search the agency name, address, and contact information. Check Availability — A search results page will indicate if the search has been completed; otherwise, search again. Note: • Do not submit more than one agency search per day using Google Alerts If the results have all been checked out, then the last check-in time for the agency was within the last seven (7) days. Verify A Travel Agency Member and Find the Member's Appointment Status — CIA See if the search has been completed. It will not show any results. You will still find other travel agencies on this page. Please try again later. Cabinet Search — CIA Cabinet Search allows you to search a list of the Cabinet members, their primary department, and their cabinet positions. Cabinet information — The Cabinet Information Search tool displays any applicable information you may have. This information includes Cabinet Secretary, departments, and cabinet position information. The information is grouped into departments, divisions, sub-divisions, and agencies. The department and division columns allow you to search by state, federal agency and division. You have the option to filter information according to a subject field; for example, all department, division, and agency staff positions. The division column allows you to search by city and state. The department section allows you to search cabinet positions by name. Use the following links to navigate through the tool. Department Title — Click on a “Department Title” link to go to the department's page where you can view details of all the department's position information and cabinet positions. Division Column -Click on a “Division Column” link to go to the division's page where you can view details of all the division's position information and cabinet positions. Agency and Agency State — Click on “Agent and Agency State” links to go to the agency's site where you can view details of information for specific agent and departmental positions. Bureau — Click on “Bureau” links to go to the bureau's site where you can view details of all the bureau's position information and cabinet positions.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Clia lookup

Instructions and Help about Clia lookup

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